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COURTNEY- Digital Media Manager

Former Spanish teacher turned entrepreneur and mom. I love learning – whether it’s culture, history, language, or some new skills that pay some new bills.

Ambitious to my core until I succumb to binge watching telenovelas. I’m not known to turn down red wine and there’s a solid chance I eat chorizo tacos every Tuesday… and yes, likely with red wine.

It’s on my bucket list to be in Oaxaca, Mexico for Day of the Dead. And who are we kidding… it’s also on my bucket list to live in Mexico for awhile!

I grew up in Pennsylvania and Illinois but I’m a total beach girl. Ocean? Yes, yes please. Perhaps someday I’ll live by the sea! 

I’m an introvert at heart. No question about it, but if we’re completely honest, I couldn’t survive without my friends and family. 

LAMAR- Writer

I work in logistics and distribution for an airline and I’m a part-time student studying International Business. 

I’m originally from Bismarck, ND, I’ve never farmed buffalo and I’m an absolute goon. I’m a Norwegian-Swede which means when I eventually get into rowing and ski jumping, I’ll likely be as good as they come. With that out of the way…

Conversation, exploration, culture and athletics are some of my biggest thrills in life. Passionate, red-bearded and excessively punny, I’m always game for a good time…and have never made the mistake of passing on prime word-plays (or word-games for that matter). I’m actually medically unable to not say every pun that comes to mind, instantly…true story.

I always try to write a story Barbara Walters would approve of…and if you don’t know Barb, I’m not sure how good of friends we could become. She’s a saint.

Learning finds me best kinesthetically, so I’ve always looked at travel as less of strictly an experience, and more as a tutor.

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