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If you are in Rome during the summer, you are going to want to get out of the heat! Seriously though, Rome gets super hot and the idea of going to the beach suddenly rises to the top of your list even if you’re not a beach person. Santa Marinella is the perfect day trip from Rome. We highly recommend this place!

Here are a few reasons we recommend Santa Marinella:

1. Not Too Far

Santa Marinella is only a thirty or so minute train ride away from Rome. We caught the train at Roma Trastevere and it only took us around a half hour one way. Our route was a straight shot- we didn’t have to change trains once! We simply showed up to the train station and bought our tickets out of a machine. So, when we got there we didn’t have to wait in line for a second. But of course, it is helpful to check the train times the night before. You can check out train information here.

Santa Marinella Beach

Santa Marinella Beach

2. Relatively Cheap

The one way train ticket costs €4.60 and is valid for four hours. We wanted to stay longer than four hours so we ended up spending €9.20 per person on transportation cost. As far as food goes, you have quite a few options near the beach including €5 margherita pizzas to go, €2 bottles of Peroni (30 cl), and affordable gelato as well! There are restaurants too- but we didn’t have time to go to those because we were trying to spend as much time on the beach as possible. There is a free beach, but we opted to pay in order to have chairs and an umbrella- but most importantly the umbrella. We are from Minnesota and have a tendency to burn pretty easily! After some light negotiation, we paid €30 for three chairs and an umbrella (and for us that cost was split three ways). Overall, you can enjoy a beach day in comfort for as cheap as €30 per person.

Eating pizza with sandy hands at Santa Marinella Beach

Man with sunglasses, a beard, and a hat sitting under an umbrella at Santa Marinella Beach.

Red beach umbrellas and sky

3. Not overcrowded

We were pleasantly surprised by the clearness of the water and the cleanliness of the beach. It was not overcrowded and it felt like most of the people were locals. We spent the day walking the beautiful coastline, laying under the umbrella, swimming out to the rocks, eating pizza and drinking beer. I’d say we had a really relaxing day. This is just what we needed to refuel and rejuvenate us to keep exploring in Rome. We did however, have such a good time that the beach lover (Courtney) wished we had booked a place to stay in Santa Marinella for a couple of nights. Based on our experience of Santa Marinella, anyone visiting Rome needs to include it in their itinerary. It didn’t feel very touristy and was TOTALLY worth the thirty minute train trip from Rome. 

Teenage boy relaxing on the beach in Santa Marinella, Italy.

Italian lifeguard boat at the beach in Santa Marinella, Italy.

A close-up photo of gelato at the beach in Santa Marinella, Italy

Girl sunbathing on the boulders at Santa Marinella Beach in Italy.

Strong teenage boy running on the boulders at Santa Marinella Beach, Italy.

Check out our video of our day trip to Santa Marinella below: