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Hotel Alfonso XIII

Set in the beige, sun-drenched tones of southern Spain is Hotel Alfonso XIII, a Starwood Luxury Collection property. The gates and grounds feel like a step into yesteryear, while the rooms and amenities are current and cater to your every whim.

Throughout the course of our travels we’ve learned that one of the most important items about a hotel, is its location. Its centrality to everything you’re trying to do, provides an immense value. A value you fully realize when retiring to your room after a few beverages only takes a few minutes by foot. Life is short, and vacations are shorter! One of the biggest detriments to any vacation is the time spent commuting to your destination. You just don’t get the time back! Hotel Alfonso XIII resides mere steps off of public transportation, and directly in the heart of Seville’s city centre.

Dining options are limitless at nearly all times of day. But, our favorite start to the day began with, you guessed it, a two minute walk. Across the street from Hotel Alfonso XIII was a Café y Té! With an outdoor seating area, toast with tomate, and a proper cup of hot coffee your day starts off right. There is no rush, no hustle and bustle as you are already where you are trying to be. The city seems to reflect that sentiment. So we began our day by centering ourselves with a spot of caffeine and some people-watching as the city awoke from its sleep.

Close-up of a coffee mug with a man in the background

Flat lay picture of toast with tomate, juice, and coffee

Seville is for lovers. The heritage is rich, the culture is authentic and uniquely presented through food, drink and dance. Lazy summer days slow your pace and cause you to focus on the little details. The important things of life come into focus. Seville holds plenty to see, do, and eat and all of your choices will leave a lasting mark on your memory.

Returning to the hotel each afternoon, and evening, the staff are warm and welcoming. With a double turndown service, various room service options, a full-service pool (lounge chairs, umbrellas, bar and grill, and waitstaff) and lovely grounds, your time here will feel like an escape from reality. The relaxation sinks deep in this historic town.

Poolside at Hotel Alfonso XII

White hotel bed at Hotel Alfonso XIII

Starwood properties are known for signature scents that find you the instant you arrive, and Hotel Alfonso XIII is no exception. It’s a long journey from Minneapolis, MN to Seville, Spain. I think the hoteliers at Starwood realize something very important: smells and scents relax people. I think they also realize a second important point: people who show up at hotels usually cover a fair distance. They are beleaguered, at their wits end and busy. Or, in the very least they hope for something that seems familiar, yet is new and entirely different.

Hotel Alfonso XIII

Upon arrival, the Moorish architecture and design makes a strong first impression. The front-desk staff were kind and expedient. We wasted no time getting to our room so we could finally unpack, shower and take a breath. Our travels were finished, we were where we wanted to be.

Woman wearing white robe

When I think back over the trips we’ve taken, Seville is one of the most relaxing cities we’ve visited. It’s history is deep and unique. The food tastes incredible. The summer days are long, and the nights are longer. All things considered, Hotel Alfonso XIII represents the full extension of the town in which they are so perfectly situated within.