About us

Hey, thanks for stopping by our blog!

We’re Lamar & Courtney. We travel every chance we get. This all started as two newlyweds trying to kill off their travel bugs. Silly us! We’re just getting started. We love to learn, and the World keeps lighting our phone up. It has become our policy not to leave the World hanging, because that would be rude. Oh hey, World!

We may try and turn a two day weekend, into a Guatemala City day-trip. Everything is on the table, who are we kidding? Travel takes being intentional, though life is a compilation of seasons…we now hope to induce travel into each and every one of them. We are fascinated with the way language and culture are communicated in various ways throughout the globe. Food, transportation, people, and the journey of it all are intrinsically beautiful. Here’s to hoping we can turn our knowledge gained, into ideas and experiences under your belt as well. Travel is far too beautiful a commodity to keep to oneself!

L & C